Abbott Diagnostics

Abbott is a global leader in in-vitro diagnostics offering a broad portfolio spanning immunoassay, clinical chemistry, hematology, blood screening, molecular, bio-identification, point of care, and informatics. Our diagnostics solutions are more than just a test or data point, they are designed to anticipate, leverage and improve decision-making and patient care across the entire health care system. As one of the only diagnostics businesses providing such a broad portfolio, Abbott is focused on an integrated diagnostics solution powered by innovations that can help our customers channel change into growth and deliver exceptional performance.

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Future Lab is committed to provide you with a “valued” experience. We give our clients the special care they deserve in all of our state of Art laboratories.

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Medical Business Center Company (M.B.C) is a well-established company operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1982. The core business of M.B.C is to import and export laboratory and medical equipment, laboratory reagents, diagnostic and quality control products, sterilization membrane, and glass ampoules and vials raw materials for pharmaceutical and food/beverages industries.

In addition, M.B.C is the major supplier of filters, sterilizing filters and kidney artificial items for all over the Gulf Council Countries (GCC) and Ministry of Health (MOH) – Kidney Centers and major hospitals as well.
For more information, please visit us at www.businessportals.com/supplier/mbc-ksa.html or email us at support@mbc-ksa.com

Roche Diagnostics Middle East

Roche have taken the unprecedented move of being the first IVD company to have a Management Center and a logistics hub in the Middle East. Roche has extended its ownership of the entire supply chain, quality control and customer support all the way into the centre of the region. This base of operations reinforces the commitment to global Roche standards and is driven by a full team of vastly experienced specialists offering a complete portfolio of services. With this regional empowerment, Roche has moved its leadership and decision-making closer to its customers and distributors. These investments allow Roche Diagnostics Middle East to develop from being a supplier into becoming the preferred IVD partner for its customers.

Roche Diagnostics Middle East offers a complete portfolio of services in 16 countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Maldives.

For more information, please visit www.roche-middleeast.com

With a firm commitment to advancing the healthcare industry in the Kingdom, the Abdulla Fouad Group has established a unique Medical Supplies Division dealing with almost all the disciplines of Healthcare, Diagnostic, Rehabilitation, Radio-pharmaceuticals, Sanitation and Medical Consumables & Supplies.

The Division is one of the leading suppliers representing many renowned manufacturers of state of the art medical equipment, health related supplies and diagnostic products. The Division specializes in handling radioactive material, and is one of the few companies authorized to transport such material throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Over the last three decades the Division has been providing efficient services to customers at all times, through experienced & well qualified professional teams of sales, technical and biomedical engineers, covering training programs or demonstrating new equipment at its training center in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The Medical Supplies Division for today and the future is firmly committed to provide better healthcare. 

For more information, please visit our website at www.abdulla-fouad.com/medical_supplies.html

Terumo BCT, a global leader in blood compnent, threapeutic apheresis and cellular technologies.

We believe in the potential of blood to do even more for patients than it does today. This belief unites our organization, inspires our innovation and strengthens our collaboration with customers.

Terumo BCT, Unlocking the Potential of Blood

Al-Jeel provides “Solutions for better healthcare”.

It is only through listening to our customers, learning the true needs of patients, and adhering to our
benchmarks that we can sustain our leadership. We fully realize that our work touches patients’ lives,
and therefore, their current and future wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. At Al-Jeel, your
health is our priority.

For more information, get to know us and visit our website at www.aljeel.com.sa

Arabian Trade House is a leading Medical Devices and Biotechnology products distributor in Saudi Arabia. Arabian Trade House is committed to:

  • Creating an integrated, patient-centered health care environment that effectively and efficiently produces better health outcomes for the Saudi patients.
  • Developing educational and technical expertise in health strategies to promote solutions for high-priority health issues and to improve the health diagram of Saudi society.
  • Continuous development and expansion of nationally recognized, multi-disciplinary Health Care national programs aligned with health needs in Saudi nation

Founded in 1970, Bioscientia (based near Frankfurt, Germany) is one of the largest purpose built reference laboratories in Europe with a staff compliment today in excess of 1,000 professional and technical personnel. With over 35 years experience in the international market, Bioscientia provides a pathology reference service to a wide range of institutions including universities, Military and Ministry of Health hospitals, clinics, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies world-wide.

Since 1982 Bioscientia GmbH has been serving the Middle East as a reference laboratory serving the major large hospitals as well as the smallest private hospitals and clinics. The service is the same to them all; quality results, fast and accurate reporting, interpretation assistance of result constellations if required and local offices to ease and lower the cost of communication.

For more information, please visit our website at www.bioscientia.com

Lana Alkhaleej is a Saudi medical trading company, focusing on best quality and high standard medical products-working towards making a healthy, Hygienic & Safe Medical Practices, and Hospital Services, Creating an Awareness of the importance of using right products that are safe for daily use in health services.

For more information, please email us at INFO@LANAALKHALEEJ.COM


Tamer Group is a leading healthcare, beauty care, prestige products, and fast moving consumer goods company responding to the growing needs of the Saudi and Middle East communities. The Group’s core activities are import, distribution, promotion, marketing and manufacturing.

Today, Tamer Group has established a special position in the Saudi marketplace, resulting from a unique approach to business, service and customer portfolio.

Headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Tamer Group serves many of the world’s leading companies through various agreements, partnerships, and joint ventures.

UNICOP is an operation national leader that do the importation and marketing of high quality products form multinational manufacturers, it is registered in the ministry of commerce to deal in the operation and maintenance of all kind of hospitals, trading in pharmaceutical, hospital equipments, disposables, cosmetics, and other logistic services.

United corporation is a pioneer in selling, marketing of generic & brand pharmaceuticals drugs & equipment in the Saudi market & Gulf region. Our company Is represented both in institutional & private sector.

Al Asasyah, Basic Electronices Company Ltd. Was established 55 years ago. It is a Saudi owned company employing over 650 employees working kingdom wide. It is an exclusive agent for SANYO brand products of Japan in KSA running the business activities through its various business divisions including the Bio-Medical Division.

The Bio-Medical Divison has earned a very good reputation as of its foundation. It has gained the confidence and trust of the Saudi market and achieved vast upswings in dealing with Ministry of Health Hospitals, Military Hospitals, Univercities and Research Centers, National Guard Hospitals, Aramco Hospital, Royal Commission Hospitals and Privet Hospitals sector. Al Asasyah provides a wide range of healthcare equipment and products for laboratories, dental settings, pharmacies, physiotherapy and hospital furniture.

For more information, please visit our website at www.al-asasyah.com

Elite Doctors is a distinctive system, based on the reality of medical community. It consists of selected physicians from different specialties.

The priority of this system is presenting more details about Elite Doctors and providing advanced technology in the medical communications field to create a real relationship among communities by using advanced features and functionality of Elite Doctors system.

Founded by the joint efforts of highly experienced group of professionals, our Medical Line is specialized in the fields of Diagnostic Laboratories, Medical Equipment, and Customized Solutions.

Our Medical Line imports and distributes state-of-the-art medical equipment, laboratory equipment, hospital & laboratory furniture, and general consumable products.

Our Medical Line with its partnership with Samsung in MENA region can plan and execute laboratory retail business and projects covering the fields of Biochemistry Immunology, Hematology, Imaging Diagnostics and Molecular diagnostic.

For more information, please visit our website at www.medicalline-mena.com